When purchasing a used car people ask us the strangest questions. “Does this car have flood damage?” “Is there a lien available on this vehicle?” “Do tires come with it?”

Honestly we have heard it all… the reason? People ask everyone and their mother about their opinions when buying a car and everyone’s opinion is different based on their own experience. People say service your cars at franchise dealers only and others wouldn’t go back if it was the end of the world. No matter where you get your information from, it is most likely going to be biased and it is purely based on past experiences.

So we offer ours, and the reason we offer it is because we want people to know what the truth is at our dealership. We don’t care what Joes Auto is doing to sell cars down the street, we focus on our customers and our business practices to sell quality cars and when your business is more that 50% referral… we know we are doing something right.