Under Coating

At Leading Edge, we offer a one time application as opposed to an annual one, this creates a sound shield ultimate rust proofing and protects from rocks dust and grime by covering any exposed metal.

The underside of your vehicle, though seldom seen, is the most exposed to the various elements of the road. Gravel and sand abrade at everything, and road salts and other grime accumulate in nooks and crannies. The abrasions expose bare metal where salt and moisture can begin to rust. An undercoating protection with our rubber and petroleum based product will permanently seal your undercarriage.

An added benefit of this undercoating layer is it greatly reduces road noises transmitted into the interior of the vehicle. The insulation it provides deadens much of the tire noise and bumps and jolts of the road making for a more comfortable driving experience.

Benefits of Undercoating your used vehicle:

  • Rust Proof the Under Carriage
  • Reduce Road Noise
  • Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle
  • Increase resale value

Why Undercoat with Leading Edge Motor Cars?

Most used car dealerships offer rustproofing and undercoating packages to their customers. That’s fine, but at Leading Edge we have trained applicators in house. That means that we save money on outsourcing the application and we pass that savings onto you, our customer! You can be assured that our undercoating will do exactly as its supposed to. And because we do a ton of it and have technicians trained and experienced in applying it, we can provide this service at a much lower and inexpensive rate compared to other dealerships.